SEO Software Review: Traffic Travis Keyword Research Tool

Traffic Travis is a software used for SEO and PPC Management needs. It’s a great tool for newbie Internet Marketers, Online Marketers and the Webmasters alike. I heard a lot of good reviews on this software and one of it is that it is ranked as one of the best SEO research tool around the web and most downloadable SEO software there is.

Traffic Travis has cool features. It has 5 menus: Keyword Tools, Search Engine Tools, PPC Analysis, Page Analysis, SEO Analysis, and Useful Resources. Each menu have individual functions to help ease your way on this tool.

Keyword Tool:

Helps you to create keyword list that are relevant to your site. Just by typing the list of words in the software, Traffic Travis will then dig up all the keywords that is found in the web for you. The Keyword Finder and Keyword Sorter of this menu will help you in having it the easy way possible.

Search Engine Tools:

And since you have the list of keywords with you, this tool will hunt down all of it in the web and on what their average position and ranking they are in. You can identify profitable keywords and strategies that are effective on having a money-maker site. This also gives you the Top Sites for keywords that you chose, the Backlinks, and the Project Report.

PPC Analysis:

Because of this tool, you can actually learn or spy what your competitors are doing in their website. By that, you can analyse their SEO and PPC strategies. And since, it’s right in front of you, you can try copying their strategies to make it your own and if there is flaw in what they are doing, you can always try to make improvisation in it. PPC Analysis have several functions too like Keywords or Details that you can actually update from time to time, Top Sites for Keywords, Most Popular Keywords, and Websites Keyword List.

Page Analysis:

Let’s you test and analyze your site’s popularity based on the keywords that best describes the site and from there, you can see a report summary and rating system. You can get pointers and tricks here in order for you to make a way to improve your site. Also, check-out your competitors page to shake things up a little bit for you.

SEO Analysis:

Let’s it analyze the keywords of your competitors site or other sites that are related to the keywords that you have and you’ll be directed to a full list of sites that are very useful to make backlinks to and you can optimize your personal page for SEO. Because the best sites, get the most traffics.

Useful Resources.:

By clicking this widget, you’ll be directed to resources that Traffic Travis recommends.

Basically, Traffic Travis is a user-friendly tool that anyone who has a niche in almost anything SEO, Online Marketing or blogging can do it. What is so good about this software is that, you can download this for FREE and it’s so easy to install. Just don’t forget to copy the registration code cause you need that later and you’re good to go. Go to for a free Traffic Travis Keyword Research Tool Software now.

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