My Own Understanding on Link Building Concepts

As a noob on this kind of field of Search Engine Optimization, I come to terms like these that are essential in making a certain type of Online Marketing business to be a success.  Below are the things that you and me need to know:


It is named after Larry Page and used by Google internet search engine. It is assigned to determine the importance or relevance of a certain page on how many times a page was viewed or not. If it’s not viewed then it would certainly be in the lowest ranking or more likely 0 (zero clicks) to be exact. It is quite difficult to understand since it’s a link analysis algorithm. Easy way to put it, it’s in mathematical values. It may be scary by some but it is actually easy to understand and it is accessible by installing the Google toolbar since it is also displayed there.


It is a concept made by Alexa Internet and owned by company. It is a ranking that is based on the traffic to a website. Like Page Rank, it is also be found in a toolbar that can be installed in a web browser. The system is ranked from 1 (one) onwards. The lower the number is, the higher the Alexa Ranking is for that site. But make sure that you only visit sites that are yours in order for you to see great results on your Alexa Ranking because if you do that in your competitors site, you’ll see the improvement of their site as well. It has also an advantage to this. It allows you to compare different websites and also, you can take a look at how your competitor sites are doing. To add up, it also helps potential investors or advertisers see how well your site is doing as far as traffic is concerned.


They are incoming links to a website or webpage. If a certain website or page is good then it will generate interest to the people. The more people liking it, the more they backlink their site to yours and vice-versa. Which is actually nice, considering you’ll have more popularity on that certain degree. But you have to make sure that the content of your page or website is good and relevant to avoid unwanted backlinks which are a nuisance after all.


It is one of SEO solutions that help providing high search engine page. It is, in a way, the opposite of Backlinks since it is the process of creating inbound links to ones own website. This can be done by reciprocal links being listed in different site or search engines, etc. It generates quality traffic from relevant sites to your site which then increases sales. And by that, it helps create awareness, visibility, and credibility to your site with the help also of wider search engine exposure. Link Building is the best way to make your site popular.


It is a type of advertising in which businesses writes short articles related to their respective industry. Just make it a point that it is a well-written content so that there’s a potential increase in business credibility within your market. By that, it attracts new clients and new clients means good business. Furthermore, the reason why it is an effective tool in promoting your site because of readership following. Once your article is published, it becomes available for everyone to see. And if they find it interesting and reusable on their blog topic, they’ll link your article back to their site as well. And since it generates a huge amount of exposure on your end, it will help a great deal of improvement in your site’s traffic.


Article Marketing is one of the effective strategy of Traffic Generation. By the word itself, it is by all means to generate traffic in a site or page. But in order for you to do that, you need to create a high quality article, page or site. In that way, you’ll be getting major distributions like bringing in traffic, links and high search engine rankings to your website. It is Quality over Quantity if you want it to be a success.


While searching the web, I came across this site that is very helpful on SEO strategy by Steve Wiideman and an article on Link Building from Eric Ward.